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Businesses are built on reputation. We strive to maintain a good reputation in the market place. We receive a lot of our business through referrals and repeat Customers and Associates. A satisfied Customer or Associate is our very best form of advertisement. Listed below are some comments that Customers and Associates have made about working with CCT Recruitment. All of these testimonials are real and most are unsolicited, however over the years I have not been pleased with providing a nice shopping list for my competitors so although the names and companies are right, some people have moved on and some of these references go back to 1995. I will provide current original testimonials for major Customers.

“When it came time for me to start looking for an alternate career in late 2010, I contacted CCT Inc. to see if there was anything they might be able to help me with. I had known Bob Van Slyck for a few years as we had both been active with OACETT for some time. We met casually over coffee and discussed my qualifications as well as my aspirations, and Bob was able to connect me with my current employer, Xylem Applied Water Systems, a company that clearly has a huge potential for business growth and personal career growth. Bob was very supportive through the entire interview and hiring process, ensuring that I was kept informed as much as possible of my potential employer's decision making process, and ensuring that they were informed about some of the soft skills and personal aspects that may not have been explored during the interview process.

The result has been a temporary placement with the company, leading to a permanent position after 15 months, and a promotion to management after 21 months. CCT Inc. certainly helped me to prepare for some of the challenges that I have faced when changing careers to a completely different industry, and Bob continues to be a good friend and support as I move forward. ”

Clay Williams, C.E.T.
Manager, Application Engineering
Xylem Applied Water Systems
- September 2013 -
“CCT Inc. has supplied my department with contract drafting personnel for the past year. The skill level of the people has been top-notch, and CCT has been most cooperative in assisting us in filling our special position requirements.”

Don McInroy, P.Eng
Project Engineering Manager
Accuride Canada Inc.
London, Ontario
“CCT Inc. has a history of treating our requests and business demands in a professional and prompt manner. They perform high quality work for Valley City and I highly recommend their efforts to any professional organization.”

Robert McWatt, CET
CAD Systems Specialist
Valley City Manufacturing
Dundas Ontario
“Bob, I just wanted to thank you for the excellent opportunity you gave me. Even though I am now an employee of Higgott-Kane, you were the one who trusted me to take on the job at hand. You really had no idea what kind of employee I was, but you gave me a chance to prove myself as a worthy employee of CCT Inc Engineering Personnel. I hope that we can keep in contact over the years.”

Mark Thede
Mechanical Draftsperson
Cambridge, Ontario
On behalf of the Board of Governors, please accept our appreciation for the nine years you have given to Conestoga College as a member of the Mechanical Engineering Technology Program Advisory Committee. We sincerely thank you for that commitment to the program.

John Tibbits
Conestoga College
Just received your mail enclosed with my T4, Company’s brochure and your business cards. In my personal opinion, still no recruitment firm surpasses the way you manage in matching employee-employer requirements. I guess this is one factor why you have been very successful for the last ten years. I consider myself lucky that I became an Associate of CCT Inc. Engineering Personnel. Congratulations on your tenth anniversary and more power to the staff.

Mr. Guevara
Senior Mechanical Technologist
J & M Brampton, Ontario
I wish to express my great appreciation for your assistance leading to the employment at ODI. I regard this as one of the most important turning points in my professional career and you have been a part of it. I only hope that in the future many can experience your helping hand and share the same personal touch you had for me.

Rafael Trzaskoma
Acting Mechanical Engineer
Kitchener, Ontario
I have had a very good business relationship with CCT Inc. for about nine years. They have placed me in a few companies and I am now an Engineering Manager and have been pleased to work with CCT Inc. in hiring several people. I am pleased to recommend this company to others seeking rapid and exceptional staffing assistance.

Karem Akawi P. Eng.
Engineering Manager
OEM for Automotive Industry
Guelph, Ontario
Bob and Rob Van Slyck have placed me in some very good positions over the years to perform design and drafting work. They have helped me gain an excellent permanent position in Waterloo. I would highly recommend their honest, sincere and ethical services to others wishing to further their careers.

Gerard Davis
Solidworks Designer
Waterloo, Ontario
Bob has placed me in several good positions since coming to Canada 10 years ago. I have improved from a drafter to Engineering Manager with my P.E.O. designation. All of this has been made possible with the hard work and honest help from the staff at CCT Inc. I am now involved in hiring staff from CCT Inc.

Ilie Vela P.E.O.
Engineering Manager
Blow Off Systems
Waterloo, Ontario
Thank you for your kind reply to my resume. Thank you for interviewing me. I was impressed with the Company and the type of product ( service) the corporation provides.

David Zhang
Toronto, Ontario
The people at CCT Inc. Engineering Personnel have always been most helpful and understanding in their dealings with my requests. I am pleased to work with them and thank the staff for helping me find this position allowing me to bring my family to Canada. They have been supportive.

Edgar Guevara
CAD Designer
I have been contracting and hiring Engineering Personnel from CCT Inc. Engineering Personnel since 1993 and have been pleased with the results.

Albert A. McKay P.E.O.
Engineering Manager
Thermo Sealed Castings
Burlington, Ontario
Jet Composites have been hiring Engineering Personnel from CCT Inc. Engineering Personnel for about nine years. Several people are still with our new Company and we are pleased with the performance of CCT. Inc. and would recommend them to others.

Dave Mongeon
VP Engineering
Jet Composites, Guelph, Ontario
We have had contract personnel from CCT Inc. for more than two years. During this time, they have provided staff as Electrical Technologists, Drafting people, Methods Analysts and Software Engineers. We are generally please with these people and would not hesitate to recommend this Company to you.

D. Elliott
Vice President and General Manager
Canadian Operations
CCT Inc. has done a very good job in finding people, screening them, and testing them before presentation to me at PRO-ECO. We have several Senior Designers on staff now as Associates of CCT Inc., complete with computer systems. The ongoing Business Relationship with Reporting, Invoicing, and Payment of staff is very good. Bob and his Company are in a strong competitive situation in this part of the province and they are doing well because they treat the business and their people with Professionalism.

Ervin o. Kass
Senior Mechanical Designer