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Question: Why do Individuals choose CCT Inc?


  • We view the Applicant as equally as important as the Customer
  • All Applicants are interviewed by a Representative prior to being presented to our Customers.
  • Your personal information will be handled with integrity and confidentiality.
  • You will be treated with fairness and impartiality
  • Pre interview coaching and post interview debriefing
  • A Representative will personally take you to your interview and introduce you to the Customer – This allows you to focus all of your energy on the interview.
  • We will strive to meet your individual employment goals
  • There is no charge to the Applicant for our agency’s services.

Question: What do people have to say about CCT Inc?


On July of 2005, seven months after Graduating from Fanshawe College in London, Ontario from the Mechanical Engineering program, I was let go from my first engineering job. I still remember my old boss telling me “You simply do not know enough, and do not have enough experience.” For the first couple of days I couldn’t bring myself to unpack my things, out of fear that I would never use them again. At the age of 20 I thought I would never again be able to do something that I love to do for a living. A week later I went to my friends house who referred me to CCT, I emailed my resume to them, and the next day eager and determined to succeed in engineering I called CCT where I spoke to Bob Van Slyck. The next day I drove down to Waterloo where I met Bob. Bob did things a lot differently than the other recruitment agencies. He looked at me as an individual as opposed to just another client. He asked me a lot of questions to figure out what would be the right position for me. Bob also spoke from experience in both the industry and the business world. That to me sets CCT aside from everyone else. CCT Inc. have people who specialize in helping young Engineers succeed and to get their career going in this competitive industry. A few weeks later Bob found me a position at Viessmann Manufacturing in Waterloo, we both called them the Mercedes-Benz of the boiler industry. The position was contract which I was a little sceptical about. However I did not look at the commute from London to Viessmann everyday, the gas and the hours on the road. I looked at what I could get out of working at the company, even if it was contract. After working there for 18 months, I learned an immense amount about the boiler and engineering industry. I gained experience from the largest boiler manufacturer in Europe and one of the largest in the world. I learned the do’s and do not’s of designing, engineering and ethics. After meeting Bob for lunch several times during my time at Viessmann, he helped open my eyes to the business world. After reading in the newspaper that David Foote was visiting London I started reading a lot of his and other great entrepreneurs’ writings of our time such as Donald Trump’s books and doing a lot of research. A few other people and I started a business venture together. Six weeks before my time was up at Viessmann, I took the knowledge I learned while working at Viessmann and accepted a position at EnerWorks in Dorchester, Ontario as a Product Designer. EnerWorks is a young, up and coming company that specializes in the manufacturing of thermal solar panels. What I am trying to get at here, is that for anybody getting into the Engineering field. I would highly Recommend CCT Inc; they treat you as an individual instead of throwing you in the mix with all the rest of their clients. They also give you the encouragement that you can succeed and do something you enjoy for a living.

Adnan Zabian
"Bob, I just wanted to thank you for the excellent opportunity you gave me. Even though I am now an employee of Higgott-Kane, you were the one who trusted me to take on the job at hand. You really had no idea what kind of employee I was, but you gave me a chance to prove myself as a worthy employee of CCT Inc. Engineering Personnel. I hope that we can keep in contact over the years."

Mark Thede
Mechanical Draftsperson
Cambridge, Ontario