Blue Flower

CCT Recruitment specializes in providing Engineering and Technical Personnel to manufacturing companies in Southern Ontario. We can provide personnel on contract or permanent placement to meet project demands, overload work, specialty work, or additional staff requirements.

We have become the sole supplier of Engineering and Technical Personnel for many of our clients.

"A Great Recruiter is one who will save his Client much more than his Fee."
R. H. Van Slyck
"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
"Success is a Journey not a Destination."
Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr.
"Every time I make a placement, a candidate becomes happier and more productive. A family's economic situation improves. My client becomes more competitive in the global economy. And ultimately, my success- and the success of my many clients- makes us all a little stronger."
R. H. Van Slyck

CCT Recruitment was established in 1993. Our Associates are placed with many of southern Ontario’s leading manufacturing companies.